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Located on Caves Road, in the heart of the famed Margaret River wine region, our property is Western Australia’s oldest Venison farm. The region’s mild maritime climate and reliable rainfall, make this the perfect place to raise free range grass-fed livestock.


We rear Red Deer (Venison) with the original bloodlines reaching back to England and Scotland. The Stag (Male) can weigh up to 200kg whereas the Hind (Female) can weigh up to 120kg. The Stags grow antlers, which start growing in Spring and then usually shed towards the end of Winter. Interestingly, the antlers can grow at a rate of 2.5cm per day and are known to have medicinal properties.


All the fresh Venison cuts we sell at our Farm Shop is farmed (not wild) and processed at an accredited high welfare off-site facility. Given our high welfare practice and the free range, grass-based diet our venison delivers an exceptional eating experience. Rather than strong and gamey,  our farmed venison has a delicate earthy sweetness that is sought after from chefs and foodies alike.

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